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Most of Hannah’s recent film work has focused on social change through digital storytelling. This includes working across Alaska on various collaborative projects including,  The Choose Respect anti-bullying media campaign,

a communications tool kit that has been distributed to schools and prevention programs across Alaska.


Additional work includes a digital storytelling project with  The Island Institute where students from from  remote villages across Alaska  captured stories about their experiences with climate change.

Currently Hannah Guggenheim is the filmmaker for THRIVING COMMUNITIES, an initiative of the WHIIDBEY INSTITUTE.  This program, is a call to action; telling stories in collaboration with people and processes that celebrate communities as they grow. With a deep focus on the root structures of humanity, our lens is focused on the needs of any human, including stories about resilience highlighting food, water, shelter, art, health and wellness.


Go to THRIVINGCOMMUNITES.ORG for more information.

While not on location, Hannah lives with her wife and their son on Whidbey Island.  


Her teaching work includes  Ex’Pression College for Digital Arts, San Francisco State University and University of California, Monterey, and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. 

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